At the end of June 2023 the City of Vancouver piloted the first pedestrian-friendly open street on Yew Street between Cornwall Avenue and West 1st Avenue.

According to the City, the pedestrian-friendly street supports safer walking and rolling access to businesses and Kitsilano Beach while helping create a great place for people to stroll, socialize, and enjoy this neighbourhood

Throughout the pilot, the City has been monitoring and evaluating how the space is being used while collecting feedback from local businesses and residents.

With that feedback, the City has decided to conclude the pilot.

Last modified: August 11, 2023

One Response to " Yew Open Street Pilot Comes To An End "

  1. S Rose says:

    With due respect to city staff that is thankfully willing to try new things that make the city friendlier to pedestrians and cyclists – this project wasn’t well-implemented. Motorists were confused by the minimal signage and certain businesses were ill-served by the changes. The process was flawed – ask any business owner in the corridor rather than taking my word for it – and the implementation was poor.