Kitsilano’s Urban Machina was the victim of a brazen “smash and grab” early this morning as a SUV attempted to drive through their front door.

Olivia Yau, the co-founder of Urban Machina, told Daily Hive she received a call at around 4am from her security company after the alarm at the store at 1660 Cypress Street was triggered.

“They tried to ram an SUV through our front door,” she explained to the Daily Hive. “Luckily, we had a gate, and they weren’t able to get in to take anything. But the entire storefront, the front door, the doorframe, it’s detached from the concrete. So the structure of that frame has been compromised.”

Urban Machina is a distributor of electric vehicles with seven premium brands in their collection – EVOLV Rides, INOKIM, VSETT, WEPED, LEVY, UNAGI and Monday Motorbikes.

Last modified: May 15, 2023

One Response to " SUV Rams Urban Machina Storefront On Cypress Street "

  1. Susan Smith says:

    Can’t believe that this is happening, and continues to happen! Where is law enforcement? Does Urban Machina have security video? I certainly hope so, in this day and age. We, as citizens, business owners and residents have to stop being so apathetic and complacent not to scream whenever one of these insanities happen. Not enough pressure and demands for safety and protection of property are being levied against law enforcement and our City government to adopt strict measures to find and punish these disgusting perpetrators of vile, criminal behaviour. I am sick to death of the catch-and-release,”show compassion, don’t stigmatize but preserve the dignity” of law-breakers! With a pervading trendy attitude like that, it’s no wonder that crime is sky-rocketing and decent people are being victimized exponentially. STAND UP, STEP UP, SCREAM TO GOVERNMENT, AND BRING BACK LAW AND ORDER, NOW!