After a months-long judging process, Vancouver Magazine has announced the winners of their 34th annual Restaurant Awards and a Kitsilano restaurant stole the show.

Local favourite AnnaLena was named the Restaurant of the Year and its chef/owner Michael Robbins was named Vancouver’s Chef of the Year.

The Pacific Northwest restaurant didn’t stop there.

AnnaLena was also picked up Gold in the Best Contemporary category. Replacing the former “Best West Coast” award, the Best Contemporary award celebrates modern culinary excellence: chefs that respect tradition, but aren’t beholden to it.

AnnaLena first opened in 2015—and while most restaurateurs will admit that their restaurants have evolved slightly since launch, Robbins says that the now Michelin-starred AnnaLena has transformed completely.

“AnnaLena couldn’t have changed more—it opened as a share plate, casual restaurant, and now it’s a tasting-menu-only one-star,” says the chef.

Haven’t been to AnnaLena yet? You’ll have to book a table, and fast—to no one’s surprise, reservations sell out quickly on the day they’re released, a month in advance.

Photo: Tanya Goehring

Last modified: May 15, 2023

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