More than 300,000 parking tickets issued by the city in 2022 and Vancouver is Awesome recently wrote up the 20 worst blocks for parking tickets.

Outside of the city’s core, Kitsilano put up big numbers with a stretch along West 4th Avenue, from the 1900 to the 2200 block all ranking in the top 20.

More than 13,000 parking tickets were written up on West 4th in 2022, with the 2000 block of the avenue being the most dangerous to have a meter expire.

2,159 parking tickets were issued in the 2000 block of West 4th in 2022.

Last modified: January 24, 2023

3 Responses to " Don’t Forgot To Pay! West 4th Among Worst Vancouver Streets For Parking Tickets "

  1. Susan Smith says:

    Clearly then, more parking is needed on West 4th between the 1900-2200 blocks, so rather than penalize people with parking ticket fines for their needs, we should apply the humanitarian methodology used to address the needs of addicts: safe supply, ie. free parking.

  2. H.D.H. says:

    While I hear what you’re saying Susan…….where would we get these parking spaces you want to create? Seems like everything is pretty well filled up to max in that location. It’s not like anyone is going to buy land and put up a parkade. Especially tax dollars.
    I live in the vicinity,up more towards west Broadway and alma. I used to drive to those places all the time. But now I take a bus. It’s so easy,less headaches,and there are so many busses running nonstop along west 4th or west Broadway. And it takes another car off the road for a while. Plus you get the added exercise of walking quite a bit more if you don’t take your car.

  3. Kits says:

    Used to get parking tickets all the time then switched to pay by phone app. App alerts you when you time is about to expire so you can extend or rush back to car. Never get a parking ticket when parking near a meter.

    Vancouver is too agressive with giving tickets. Stopping putting money in the meter and use the app.

    West vancouver is so much better. All street parking there is free. The only paid parking in West Vancouver is at a few lots in Horseshoe Bay.