The Kits Point Residents Association is looking for a judicial review of the City of Vancouver’s public input on the Squamish Nation-led project.

The Squamish Nation broke ground last month on the project which is the largest Indigenous-led housing development in Canadian history.

When completed, the Senákw development next to Kits Point will include some 11 towers, 6,000 rental units and 1,200 homes, generating an estimated long-term return of more than $10 billion to the nation.

The Kits Point Residents Association represents 1,100 households, north of Cornwall Avenue and east of Arbutus Street.

Last modified: October 7, 2022

5 Responses to " Kits Point Residents Association Launches Legal Action Against City On Senakw Development "

  1. Jeremy Braude says:

    The Petition by the Residents Association is not an attempt to derail the project. It is an attempt to have some input on the impact that the largest development of its kind in North America will have on the local neighbourhood. The fact that all negotiations were done in secret smells of bad governance, and of something to hide. Senakw is a commercial real estate project and not an act of reconciliation, and needs to be able to stand the test of public scrutiny.

  2. Did you notice Global News took Trudeau’s side because Trudeau pays their rent and food. A clear sign of a banana Republic. The truth is only one organization or group of people are going to benefit. What is most egregious is this is happening in the lowest occupancy rate in Canada where rents are $2,000 a month yet Global News doesn’t blink an eye and protects their leader cuz they’re a laptop not a watchdog

  3. Jack Reid says:

    7,200 new homes. There’s going to be some kids there. Right?? Henry Hudson is already full. Are they planning on building any schools, play grounds? How is this going to affect traffic coming off Burrard bridge? Imagine it. This is just going to be nuts. I know it’s going to happen, but where it’s going to happen is already a tight squeeze. Are there any plans for this, or are they just going to wing it and hope it all works out??? Where are the plans? Who the hell is running this show? What a complete joke.

  4. Kits says:

    It is good they want to build new homes for the squamish nation. This needs to be scaled back a bit. The extra traffic on the surrounding streets might be a bit much. Everyone wants to drive because transit sucks. Hopefully the city will finally build the street car that has been planned. The squamish nation land is still part of Vancouver. They will be using Vancouver services like parks, schools, roads, sewers and water. No doubt these apartments will pay property tax to the city. City should consider making Chestnut a two way street at Cornwall. The main entrance to this development should be from West 1st avenue.