Current and conventional antidepressant therapy regimens are not a one-size-fits-all approach and are not effective for many people. Psychedelic medicine, particularly ketamine-assisted therapy, has been showing promise as a highly-effective and fast-acting treatment option for treatment-resistant mental health conditions.

With the safe and intentional use of consciousness-altering experiences supported by health professionals in the right set and setting, many people have found rapid and long-lasting results and are moving through barriers that were previously holding them back.

Field Trip Health is a pioneer in ketamine-assisted therapy and they have opened a new clinic on Granville Island.

While psychedelic assisted psychotherapy is the primary offering in the clinic, they have expanded their clinical offering to a more holistic approach to healthcare and have registered massage therapy, registered dietician services, and trauma-informed yoga classes.

These adjunct services are open to members of the public, even those not engaging in their mental health services.

Field Trip Health is hosting open houses on Friday, January 28th and Friday, February 4th geared towards those working in the mental health and wellness space. Register online to attend.

Field Trip Health | 1450 Creekside Drive |

Last modified: January 18, 2022

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