The Museum of Vancouver’s (MOV) newest feature exhibition is Boarder X.

Originally exhibited at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in 2016, the traveling exhibition reveals skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing as vehicles that challenge conformity and status quo.

Boarder X features work by contemporary artists from Indigenous nations across Canada.Included from the MOV collections are works by contemporary Indigenous artists K.C. Hall, Olivia George, Skokaylem Zac George, and Takeover Skateboarding as well as older works by unknown Indigenous artists.

The exhibition, which recently was recognized for outstanding achievement by the Canadian Museums Association (CMA), reflects cultural, political, environmental, and social perspectives related to the landscapes and territories we occupy.

Examining contested spaces, political borders, hybrid identities, and traditional lands, the artwork draws parallels to urban areas prohibiting skateboarding, ski runs unwelcome to snowboarders, and surfers’ constant search for uncrowded waves.

Boarder X also showcases how art can be inclusive and transformative, by bridging the present – the passion that many Indigenous youth have for skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding – with the past, which weaves together paintings, carvings, photography, video and textiles that shine a spotlight on cultural, political, and environmental issues.

Through financial support from Vans Canada, MOV was able to build 2 quarter pipes within the exhibition space. This mini ramp with be activated throughout the year for workshops, and public engagement events.

MOV is partnering with local community groups, Nations Skate Youth and Takeover Skateboarding, to create opportunities for public programming and youth involvement and engagement within the exhibition. Once the exhibition closes the 2 quarter pipes will be donated to a community group for ongoing use.

Boarder X will be on view at MOV until October 1, 2022.

Last modified: January 13, 2022

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