Long-time Kits residents James Boileau and Sarah Jamieson have started the most hyper-local business you can imagine – Kits Beach Coffee.

Born out of the pandemic, Kits Beach Coffee is a coffee bike just for Kits Beach.

Boileau & Jamieson have spent the last four months jumping through hoops and managing delays to get the new business approved and setup. Now they’re ready to make their coffee bike a staple at Kits Beach from Spring to Fall.

“The goal of Kits Beach Coffee is to create pride of neighbourhood for people to have a place to gather, meet each other, and get great coffee”, Boileau told Kitsilano.ca.


“We’re a solar-powered ebike, and serve pour over hot coffee, cold brew, and cold brew infused popsicles. We’re building Kits merchandise, and have established corporate community responsibility as a foundation of our business”.

All tips collected from the coffee cart will be dollar-matched by Kits Beach Coffee Co, Boileau’s consulting biz, and Jamieson’s health business Movevolution and donated to organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation Ocean Conservation and Squamish Nation kids’ language programs. “Both of these are hyper-focused around the beach and history of the area”, Boileau adds.

So, your 50 cent tip quickly become $2 to these charities.

If you’re interested in getting involved you can learn more about Kits Beach Coffee’s donation matching program here and join them.

For now the coffee cart is set up from Thursday to Sunday from 8am to 4pm (or until they sell out) on Arbutus Street across from the volleyball courts at Kits Beach. Eventually Boileau hopes to park the cart in the beach’s main vending area near the fruit stand and has talked to the Park Board to make that happen.

So, head down to Kits Beach this weekend, grab a coffee, and leave a tip!

Kits Beach Coffee Co., Kits Beach @ Arbutus St., Instagram, kitsbeachcoffee.com

Last modified: August 5, 2020

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