After a multi-day public hearing that saw dozens of people sign up to speak in opposition, Vancouver city council approved a proposed rental development at the corner of West 2nd and Larch.

The Jameson Development Corporation project – located where the 100-year-old St. Mark’s Anglican Church stands – includes 63 rental units, 13 of which will be priced at below-market rates.

Nearby residents have been voicing opposition to the proposed project, posting lawn signs calling for it to be halted and speaking against it at the hearing.

In response to the opposition, city councillors added conditions to their approval of the Moderate Income Rental Pilot Program (MIRHPP) project.

These included a requirement that below-market units be spread throughout the five-story building and a call for the developer to refine the building design to make it “more compatible with the neighbourhood.”

Councillors also asked city staff to work with the developer to “explore opportunities to provide public amenity space on site for children’s play and community gathering.”

In a news release published late yesterday, Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart said he was proud of the result.

Last modified: December 19, 2019

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