100-year-old St. Mark’s Anglican Church is up for sale for $12 million.

Reverend Richard Leggett told Global News that Anglican churches in the Vancouver area are moving elsewhere due to, in part, the steep cost of housing.

Other Anglican properties up for sale include St. Margaret of Scotland in Burnaby and St. Monica’s in Horseshoe Bay.

Located at the corner of West 2nd Avenue and Larch Street, St. Mark’s stopped serving Anglican congregations five years ago and has relied on rental income from community groups. It’s currently leased with a Montessori school and a parish.

At just under 18,000 square feet, the church might sell for more as it’s considered to be prime real estate.

The church is on a property that’s zoned RT-8, which prioritizes the “retention and renovation of existing buildings which maintain an architectural style and building form consistent with the historical character of the area.”

Last modified: February 20, 2018

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    child care facility. community centre, seniors facility.