The City of Vancouver has revealed six design concepts for the redesign of the eight-lane Granville Street Bridge deck to accommodate new walking and cycling pathway.

This reveal comes six months after Vancouver city council approved an extensive public consultation process, initiating a technical review to identify alternative design and configuration options for the pathway connector.

The six options for the Granville Bridge Connector include placing the pathways on one side of the bridge, both sides, and the raised centre lane option. Some of the options may also require a slight widening of the bridge deck.

Last modified: September 22, 2019

One Response to " City Reveals 6 Design Options for Granville Bridge Pedestrian and Bike Path "

  1. Gus Commonsense says:

    Does anyone actually want this? I have never met anyone who thinks this is worthwhile. Then again, that is why Kennedy Stewart likes it, because he isn’t worthwhile, either.