The City of Vancouver has begun public consultation on the Granville Bridge Connector, an improved walking, rolling, and cycling route across Granville Bridge.

The City is hoping to have several concepts to review by summer 2019, with a decision by city council expected this fall. Detailed design work should begin in 2020.

Granville Bridge was designed to connect to high-speed, high-volume freeways that were never built. The freeway-style design presents significant safety and accessibility challenges for today’s urban context.

There are several major issues with today’s Granville Bridge, including narrow and uncomfortable sidewalks next to high-speed traffic and Steps in the sidewalks at crossings make the bridge inaccessible for people with mobility aids such as wheelchairs and scooters.

Have your say by completing an online survey here and attend an open house or public workshop from April 12th-30th.

Last modified: April 16, 2019

One Response to " Have Your Say On The New Granville Bridge Connector "

  1. Shannon Rae says:

    Hello! Can you please not do anything to the bridge and just leave it alone? They’ve already ruined the Burrard Street bridge they were in the Cambie Street bridge why are you also going to run the granville Street bridge there will then be no way for the tax paying car driving public to get in and out of downtown without serious stress and delays! Have you ever tried to drive to work on those bridges or go home at rush-hour in either direction? It’s a nightmare and for the tens of bikes that might go across at one time we are not Holland or Europe bike riding is not what the city seems to think it is. The bikes also do not follow any of the traffic rules they do not wear helmets it’s just A farce that the city is catering to such a small minority and ignoring the tax paying public. I pay $1000 a month lease for my car and I want to drive it. I can’t take a bike for my job as a realtor. I can’t take files and wear high heels and a suit on a bike. No one in my industry, banking industry or anything that has any professionalism can you ride a bike. Anyways the city already decided they will do this to the bridge, our input will not be taken into account, that’s the way the city works. They do not care, they install bike lanes near the Bayshore at 2 AM so there would be no objections, my friends watched it happen and thought someone was breaking into cars because of the noise, here it was city workers quickly laying a bike lane…Leave the BRIDGE alone please leave us some street it’s still driveable alone please. You made a bike lane on Cypress there now coming up Arbutus Arbutus is only barely a lien each way buses drive right down the middle of the str leave the bridge alone please leave us some street it’s still driveable alone please. You made a bike lane on Cypress they are now coming up Arbutus: Arbutus is Barely 2 lanes as it is so what are you going to do make it one way like you did Cyprus and ruin our neighbourhoods without us having anything to say? We pay taxes of $20,000 a year… and now you want to destroy the Granville Bridge, I don’t get it. Why?