In 1913, the City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia removed the S?wx?wú7mesh (Squamish) families living in the community of Sen?ák?w (near present day Kitsilano Point/Vanier Park) to make way for the growth of the City of Vancouver.

Vancouver continues to occupy the unsurrendered land, but in 2001 the Squamish Nation won a historic court settlement for a return of 23% of the original property they were allocated by the Federal government in 1901.

The lives and stories of the families and what happened following their forced eviction is not well known or told.

Join a history walking tour with S?wx?wú7mesh historians and descendants on July 13th to learn about the lifecycle and social and political history of Sen?ák?w.

Tickets and more information is available online.

Last modified: September 7, 2022

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