The ever-popular Khatsahlano Street Party takes place every summer in Kitsilano.

This is Vancouver’s largest annual free music and arts festival with thousands of people gathering along West 4th Avenue to enjoy over 40 musical performers, beer gardens, food, and many fun activities.

Considering the high temperatures, blasting amplifiers, and hordes of excited spectators, we’ve got a list here for you on how to enjoy (and survive) this super event with your kids.

1. Keep everyone hydrated

This first tip may seem obvious but a strong reminder is nonetheless important. Make sure all of your family members are consistently and frequently sipping water during the festival. Free water is provided at three locations along West 4th Avenue – at Stephens Street, Yew Street, and Cypress Street. Many of the local cafes will be offering samples of beverages as well, plus there is always the option to purchase drinks from the dozens of food vendors and food trucks. Better yet, bring your own water bottles and refill when necessary.

2. Keep everyone entertained

The little ones from about 3-9 years old will enjoy the music of Rockin’ Robin & Music with Marine. There will also be balloon artists and face-painting at the Khats Kids Zone by Trafalgar Street. The buskers will entertain all of you, as will the variety of live music on 8 different stages.

3. Keep everyone nourished

With over 40 food trucks on site plus all the wonderful restaurants and cafes along West 4th Avenue there’s no shortage of appetite-inducing options for the whole family. It’s just a matter of the line-ups, so get to the festival early (it starts at 11am) and be aware that you may have to sit on the sidewalk’s edge to fuel yourself as there may not be any sitting areas set up unless you are eating at an actual restaurant/cafe patio.

4. Keep everyone safe

Besides watching out for potential pickpockets, it’s too easy to get lost in a 150,000+ crowd. Arrange a safe meeting area in case you get separated and perhaps have the kids wear some identification (or at least bright colours). There will also be several first-aid tents set up for any minor issues (scrapes, heat stroke, etc.). It should also be easier to walk along the sidewalk rather than on the street, especially with a stroller. And you could always walk one block to the north or south of West 4th Avenue if the crowds get to be too much. Lastly, don’t forget to wear hats, sunblock, and comfortable shoes.

Last modified: July 9, 2022

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