The Squamish Nation has revived plans to build high-rises on native land at the southwest corner of the Burrard Bridge.

In partnership with local developer Westbank, the Squamish Nation plans a massive housing project encompassing 3,000 apartments next to the Burrard Bridge and Vanier Park, marking the first large-scale urban development by an Indigenous group in Canada.

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart is throwing his support behind the Squamish Nation’s housing plan, calling it a “very exciting initiative” and an opportunity to demonstrate commitment to reconciliation.

The ambitious project would occupy the last of their reserve land in the city. The unusually shaped, 11-acre parcel is adjacent to Molson Brewery on Burrard Street.

Development of so many apartments, which the Squamish are considering restricting to all rental, could help Vancouver alleviate its housing crisis, but the city does not have jurisdiction over the Squamish land.

The land in question has a long and complicated history that dates back to 1877 when the Dominion of Canada allotted the First Nation 86 acres of land, stretching west of what’s now Granville Island as far as Vanier Park and north of Cornwall Avenue to False Creek.

Last modified: September 7, 2022

One Response to " Squamish Nation Plans Massive Housing Project for Kitsilano "

  1. Kits says:

    This proposed development is a former rail line that was used by street cars. The land beside the burrard bridge was the former storage yard for the trains. There was a plan to build a brdige for trains to downtown from here. There was a freight train to this area until 2001 that brought supplies to Molson brewery.