Getting a doctor’s recommended eight hours of sleep a night is easier said than done—we all know that. Work, kids, events, stress, a good book—all those things can get in the way.

But one thing that shouldn’t disrupt your ability to sleep is your bed itself. Your bed should be a haven of comfort and warmth. And that means different things for different people.

Have you been having difficulty sleeping lately? Do you toss and turn, wake up in the middle of the night, or have an ache in your back? The problem might be less about your body and more about what your body is lying on. Abnormalities in your sleep routine could be signs that you need to buy a new mattress.

Nowadays there are plenty of options for finding a new mattress—from department stores to bed-in-a-box online stores. Here at we believe in shopping local, so here are three great choices in Kits for getting a better sleep.


With longstanding roots in Vancouver, over 25 years, Duxiana Vancouver is a Kitsilano gem. Mattress shopping is typically not an enjoyable experience; add to that confusing marketing terms and “latest and greatest” science and the result is a very confused customer.

Duxiana Vancouver believes in keeping it simple. DUX beds are made from natural fibers that breathe so that you are not inhaling chemicals.  They use an unparalleled number of coils to ensure your spine is able to achieve optimal alignment and relieve back pain. And the beds are comprised of customizable components that are replaceable and even upgradable so the bed can change with you as your body changes over time.

Duxuana has a long list of loyal clients in Vancouver that will tell you they have had their DUX bed for 10, 15 even 20 years!

Duxiana, 2064 West 4th Avenue, 604-222-2623,


Essentia’s Kitsilano location opened in May of 2010 and since then has gone on to introduce literally thousands of people to the benefits of their natural latex memory foam.

After eight years in this location and twelve years in Canada, they have developed a track record of proven reliability that legitimizes their impressive twenty-year warranty. It’s no wonder people travel to Kitsilano from as far as Fort Nelson, BC to experience and ultimately purchase this incredible mattress.

Essentia has learned that a stimulant free environment and sleep surface is the key to maintaining the longest possible deep-sleep cycles. Reducing volatile organic compounds is an extremely important issue for those who have chemical sensitivities or simply wish to reduce chronic exposure to chemicals such as cancer patients.

By incorporating virtually zero VOC emissions, unparalleled pressure relief to maximize blood circulation and oxygenation, and a naturally cooling sleep surface they have become the preeminent leader in organic latex mattresses.

Essentia, 2144 West 4th Avenue, 604-738-0321,

inBed Organics

inBed Organics is a boutique mattress shop that makes certified organic mattresses, toppers, pillows, comforters, bassinets and custom bedding on their own machines.

The company was started by Jem Terra in 2005 and inspired by her family who needed a healthy sleep because of allergies and sensitivities to dust-mites and mould. The organic futon mattress her young son was sleeping on was full of mould and mildew.

Mattresses and bedding are also often coated with VOC’s, boric acid, phosphorus, and arsenic – the main chemicals used to make a mattress flame resistant. The law to have a flame retardant on a mattress protects insurance companies not the individual who is sleeping on toxic chemicals.

inBed Organics specializes in 100% natural, certified organic latex rubber that is from a renewable source and their products are 100% biodegradable.

inBed Organics, 1683 Chestnut Street, 778-892-4044,

Last modified: May 2, 2020

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