We normally do a best Indian restaurant post every year or so, focusing on curries, but of course, curries aren’t only part of Indian cuisine. Much of the other Asian countries too, make incredible curries.

So here we have the best 3 curries in Kitsilano, with one originating from the Middle East, Thailand, and for good measure, the originating country of curry, India.

East is East

The Afghan Nomad roti roll from the atmospheric East is East restaurant is filled with the most tender pieces of roasted lamb and eggplant, all simmered in ginger, onion, garlic, and a five-spice curry sauce, and a choice of either brown lentil rice or Afghan rice (basmati rice with raisins and carrots) stuffed in between. Use the eye-opening spicy sauces that accompany the roti rolls for the best experience. Included sides are a fresh green salad and comforting dhal soup.

East is East, 3035 West Broadway, 604-734-5881, eastiseast.ca

Delhi 6 Indian Bistro

Relative newcomer Delhi 6, which opened about a year ago in the old Thai House location, has done well with its northern Indian cuisine. Their Seafood Curry is light with lingering flavours of garam masala and ginger, and is filled with black tiger prawns, jumbo scallops, chunks of fresh fish, and squid, all cooked in a tomato and coconut curry sauce with soft citrus notes. Best enjoyed with their fluffy and warm naan bread.

Delhi 6 Indian Bistro, 1766 West 7th Avenue, 604-742-3311, delhi6.ca


The city’s best Thai restaurant, right in our own neighbourhood, features three different curries, each one deserving a spot on this list. There’s the Green Curry of Braised Beef Cheek, the Southern Style Grilled Prawn Curry, and the Kat Soi Northern Style Curry of Grilled Cauliflower. Each dish is beautifully presented, with a wonderful, rich fragrance of spices and creamy textures. A sinfully delicious house-made coconut cream is used in the latter two.

Maenam, 1938 West 4th Avenue, 604-730-5579, maenam.ca


Last modified: June 20, 2020

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