The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is actively considering a proposal to build a destination megapool in Kitsilano’s Connaught Park.

The pool will have a sport training and swim competition focus as part of a city-wide overhaul of Vancouver swim facilities under the 25-year VanSplash Plan.

Local residents concerned about the proposed construction of a destination pool at Kitsilano’s Connaught Park are petitioning Vancouver Park Board to ensure a thorough consultation process before a decision is made.

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Last modified: April 6, 2018

2 Responses to " Petition Opposes Megapool at Kits Community Centre "

  1. Cam says:

    Anyone else getting tired of the old reactionaries who want nothing to change in the neighbourhood, ever, even if it means blocking things that would add value? Heaven forbid we have a new pool and people actually want to go there with their kids!

  2. Peter says:

    Cam. Relatively few people have a problem with building new community amenities. What they have a problem with is closing down existing facilities like Lord Byng pool, a much loved facility on the same block as the local high school and elementary school, and walkable by most residents of Point Grey.

    What I am tired of is listening to advocates for community-killing mega-facilities surrounded by massive parking lots. Facilities that are a head-ache to use because you either need to drive to them or pony up for the inconvenience of taking transit. If you are going to advocate for mega-facilities, then do so in the context of keeping existing small scale community amenities, and encouraging the development of even more small-scale neighbourhood pools, gyms, and community centres. The kind you can walk to with your kids.