We’ve covered where to meet other singles in Kitsilano and where to take them on a first date.

Now comes the fun part – going out again, this time with a whole lot more confidence, right?


If you’re feeling comfortable together and the weather is fair, head out for a walk or bike ride in Pacific Spirit Regional Park. Even if it’s drizzling a bit, the tree canopy will keep you covered enough, and the myriad of trails will keep things interesting (perhaps you might even get lost a little). Make sure to bring some emergency staples and impress your date with a luxe packed picnic for two (bubbly, strawberries, sandwiches, chocolate). Don’t forget the blanket.

Jericho Beach seems to go on forever, and it’s even better when the tide is way out. In warmer weather, you could walk barefoot onto the mud flats and see how far it goes. Otherwise, just stroll along the beach or the walkways. Or head partway into the park and feed the ducks. Stop at The Galley for an oceanfront pint and a plate of shareable nachos.

For a fun and lively experience, go to Granville Island, preferably by way of the seawall. Check out the busy market on the island, and both of you can pick out what you want to eat at the many food stalls and take-out counters. Enjoy your fresh goodies outside by the docks, and afterwards, hop on the Aquabus for a mini cruise around False Creek.


Since you’ve gotten to know each other a bit already, you’ll probably be fine with standing in line together at Au Comptoir for a civilised brunch, Parisian style. Start with a mimosa or caesar (or two), followed by the almond waffles and the duck confit. Afterwards, stroll along West 4th Avenue and stop wherever you and your date’s interest strikes.

The Oakwood does take reservations, and it’s a hotspot so do make them. You’ll need to sit nice and close to be able to conversate here, and the cocktails are pricey but impressive. If you’re having dinner, try the burrata cheese plate, the poutine, and the sockeye salmon.

Have fun!


Last modified: March 12, 2018

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