Most of us have the luxury of being within walking distance to a huge number of excellent bakeries, restaurants, and grocery stores here in the Kitsilano neighbourhood. Sometimes though, it would be so devilishly convenient to have what ever it is you want or need to be delivered right to your front door right now.

Here we’ve listed the four most unusual delivery services that are available in Kits that can do just that.


We’ll start off with our favourite delivery service, SPUD – Sustaintainable Produce Urban Delivery. Unusual in the fact that this Vancouver-born grocery delivery service didn’t start off as a bricks and mortar shop. It’s been an online service since the late 90s and only recently opened a few physical retail stores around town. SPUD focusses on local and organic groceries and delivers to homes and offices for free. Their website is a breeze to use, their prices are competitive, and if you’re worried about receiving a bruised apple they have an easy online refund form that can be filled out in a matter of seconds. Try SPUD out next time you’re not up for lugging around those heavy glass bottles of milk or that awkward package of toilet paper. They also have but are not limited to, awesome farm-goodies-filled boxes, ready-made meals, pet food, and natural household & body care items.

2. Breakfast Courier

Dinners can be delivered, even lunches, so why not breakfast, too? Breakfast Courier, another Vancouver-born delivery service, wants to make sure you eat this most important meal of the day. And they will deliver it to you for free, via two wheels. Menu items include all the classics which are fully customizable, and they make sure it’s delivered fresh and hot. For your first order, we would suggest the hearty and delicious French Biker – a beef patty in between crunchy and fluffy French toast with two strips of crispy bacon, a fried egg, and maple mayonnaise!

3. The Good Stuff

Want to make your own smoothies at home but don’t have the time to shop for, wash, cut up, and sort your favourite veggies and fruit? Give these local UBC guys a try. The Good Stuff is a smoothie delivery service that provides you with all the main ingredients you’ll need (most of it organic and local from places like the UBC Farm), frozen and ready-to-blend when you are. Standard delivery is $3.95, but if you order more than 10 smoothie kits, it’s free. We like the aptly named Kitsilano Sunrise Smoothie with carrot, banana, chard, apple, brazil nuts, maple syrup, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, and black pepper. Just add some cashew milk and you’ve got yourself an antioxidant-rich breakfast pancake alternative.

4. Darby’s

Yes, it’s the friendly local pub and liquor store, but they deliver the stuff as well. No need to arrange a booze delivery with a shady cab company. Darby’s will happily bring you your favourite libations for a nominal $5 fee. Choose from hundreds of local and imported wines, craft beers, and spirits. They even have a loyalty program with monthly perks and discounts.


Last modified: August 7, 2017

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