It’s not the kind of court action Steve Nash is used to, but the retired NBA star is now looking to strip his name from 21 fitness clubs in BC including the Kitsilano location.

In a civil claim filed in B.C. Supreme Court, the Victoria-born athlete says he has not had any involvement with the fitness clubs since 2014 and wants to remove his name from them. Nash started the chain in Vancouver in 2007.

At the centre of the claim is a dispute with Nash’s former business partners over what Nash says is a breach of contract.

Under a licensing agreement, Vancouver Bay Clubs Ltd. was granted permission to use Nash’s “name, fame, nickname, initials, autograph, voice, signature… likeness and image” to promote and advertise fitness clubs in Victoria and Vancouver.

The agreement was expected to run until 2022, with provisions to run an additional five years.

The athlete is also seeking unspecified damages for using his name at the clubs.

The defendant, SNFW Fitness BC Ltd., has not responded to the court claim.

Last modified: January 3, 2017

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