The verdict is in. The Arbutus Greenway will be paved with asphalt.

The City of Vancouver revealed late last week that it will divide the route into five sections, with slightly different treatments for each. Overall, a separated asphalt path to accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians was selected as the best option.

Several open houses were held last month to gauge residents’ opinions after the city started to lay asphalt this past summer and critics demanded the work stop until residents were consulted.

Path widths will vary along the route, while two sections of the corridor will also feature an additional bark mulch path for walkers or runners.

Here is the breakdown of what’s planned for the two Kitsilano legs of the pathway:

  • Fir Street to Broadway will feature a four-metre asphalt path divided into a 2.5-metre cycling area and a 1.5-metre walking area. There will also be a two-metre bark mulch path for walking. The separation between the paths will be .5 to 1.5 metres.
  • West Broadway to West 16th Avenue will feature a five-metre asphalt path separated into 2.5-metre cycling and 2.5 metre walking areas.

Last modified: August 11, 2020

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