Kitsilano Welcomes a New Taco Shop on Yew Street



One year after being renamed Supermarine, the cozy restaurant space at 1685 Yew Street is being rebranded again.

According to Scout Magazine, the old Abigail’s Party space is now Lucky Taco.

Still under the Gooseneck Hospitality banner, the 36 seat Lucky Taco will be a “simple cantina” and it is in ‘soft open’ mode through this weekend.

Scout’s Andrew Morrison had a sneak peek this past week.

I snuck in for a peek as they were setting up for their trial run and it looked like it would make for a fun, jovial environment, especially late at night (open until 2am) or for brunch on the 12 seat patio. It’s less slick than Supermarine was, more of a hang-out than an aspiration. They had old school sign painters in to do the signage and interior script details; Pape’s sister Jada was enlisted to do the mural work; and Gooseneck’s own polymath operations manager Nick Miller was tasked with the tight branding.

Read more over at Scout Magazine.

Last modified: January 3, 2017

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