This weekend may offer some more record-breaking warm weather so it’s high time to uncover your rusty grill and make some assessments.

Do you need a new one? Does it need a good clean? And where can you get the best meat, seafood, vegetables, and sides for your upcoming barbeque? Find what you need at these Kitsilano shops.

1. Grills

In Kitsilano, Gandy’s Home Hardware on West 4th Ave is your best bet for getting a new barbeque grill such as the classic black charcoal Weber for $149 or the funky-coloured green table top propane Weber for $279. The latter you can even bring with you to the beach or park! Gandy’s also sells barbeque tools for cooking, serving, and cleaning, plus covers for those pesky rainy days. It’s also worth browsing the classifieds for a deal on a used grill.

2. Accessories

Why not try making a pizza on your barbeque? The French-made ceramic red Pizza Stone from Ming Wo on West 4th Ave can handle the heat from your outdoor grill. It’s on sale for $48 right now. Find ready-made pizza dough from Whole Foods on West 4th Ave, plus all the toppings.

3. Meat & Seafood

For tender, grass-fed beef steaks, juicy house-made burgers, and local pork sausages, check out Greens Market on West Broadway and Jackson’s Meat on West 4th Ave. For fresh fish fillets and skewable prawns head over to 7 Seas on West 4th Ave and the newest fishmonger, F.I.S.H. on West Broadway.

4. Sides

While we patiently await the May 8th starting date of the Kitsilano Farmer’s Market for our fresh vegetables, have a look at SPUD’s cafe and grocery store Be Fresh at Cypress and 1st Ave for local produce that’s starting to crop up.

Last modified: June 26, 2018

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