Pop-up store in Kits promotes zero-packaging grocery movement


Image: Zero Waste Market

Image: Zero Waste Market

There’s a zero-waste grocery store coming soon to Vancouver, with a pop-up store in Kits. Have you checked it out yet? The concept: consumers shop without leaving a carbon footprint. The market sells packaging-free foods and ask customers to bring their own containers to fill. Shoppers bring their own bags, and load up containers and jars with bulk food items.

The founders Brianne Miller and Paula Amiama launched the concept as a series of pop-up stores last fall. One of these has been recurring in Kitsilano’s Patagonia store. The owners say the response to what they believe is Canada’s first ‘zero waste market’ has been overwhelming.

“I work as a marine biologist, which is why I got into this,” said Brianne Miller with the market. “I started to realize that a lot of the species that I was studying were heavily impacted by habitat degradation as a result of marine pollution and climate change. Plastic pollution and food waste are two issues that really have simple solutions rooted in consumer shopping behaviour.”

Sign up here to find out more about the next pop-up event and future store launch. Maybe the bricks and mortar location will be in Kits.

Last modified: January 3, 2017

2 Responses to " Pop-up store in Kits promotes zero-packaging grocery movement "

  1. Kitsilano says:

    There is no popup store inside Patagonia.

  2. Kitsilano.ca staff says:

    Pop-up stores come and go. Here are details on the last Kits event: https://www.facebook.com/events/232620500418486/

    Use the link in the article to find out more about their next event and future permanent location.