Cool art show at The Naam vegetarian restaurant through March 31


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Photo credit: Cole Dudley

From now until March 29, you can go to the Naam Restaurant any time 24/7 and view Jackie Conradi-Robertson’s joyful paintings while you enjoy the reliably good food at this Kitsilano iconic restaurant.

She has 22 acrylic paintings ranging in size from 8”x8” to 30”x40” on display at the Naam Restaurant. When I interviewed her I tentatively asked her if she felt my description of her work as “bright and cheerful” was how she would describe her paintings. She laughed and said, “Yes, you can see on my website I say that I’m not interested in expressing my innermost feelings.”

Of the 22 paintings ranging in size from 8” x 8” to 30” x 40”, she had already sold two within the first week. Jackie said she appreciated the Naam’s policy that you can sell it right “off the wall” so long as you replace it with a piece of the same size when you take it down.

If you’re an artist and have wondered how to get a show at the Naam, it’s pretty straight forward. Jackie says she just went to the website, contacted Anne Harvey and sent in some information and jpegs. Then she got called and was asked to bring in examples of her work. And then she waited for a date. That came within a year of her first contact.

Jackie Conradi-Robertson still has the first painting she did at age 16 that wasn’t part of a school course. And while she’s been painting ever since, it was in the 90s when her own kids were teenagers that she created a studio in her Westside home and painted more seriously. The initial impetus was to have something to do at home while wanting to just “be around” her teenagers.

Her daughter, Camille Mehta, clearly got more than just adult supervision from that experience. For the second time, Camille will be exhibiting with Jackie during the 24th annual Westside Art Walk presented by Artists in Our Midst. Jackie first joined AIOM in 2003 and quickly took on leadership roles. This year there are 27 artists registered to be part of the Roundhouse opening and then be part of the Saturday/Sunday art walk.

Jackie lived within a couple of blocks of the Naam back in the late 60’s. Her favorite menu item ever since is the Naam salad. She also recommends the $3 tacos on the Happy Hour menu.

The Naam Restaurant

2724 West 4th Avenue

Vancouver, BC V6K 1R1


Art show schedule:

Artists in Our Midst – West Side Art Walk

Opening exhibition at the Roundhouse June 15

Open studio weekend June 18 and 19 11am-6pm



Last modified: March 24, 2016

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