Awesome Holiday Breakfast: Lucky’s Christmas Doughnuts


Image: Lucky's

Image: Lucky’s

You’ve spent a lot of time cooking fancy Christmas dinner. You’ve hosted a successful dinner party. You’ve attended a very festive Christmas party resulting in a throbbing head and sugar/fat cravings. You don’t need to make breakfast the next day. You need Lucky’s Christmas doughnuts.

Lucky’s has a really elaborate and overwhelmingly interesting Christmas doughnut menu. New flavours included the chestnut-filled bismarck, a frosted gingerbread old fashioned, an eggnog-cream-filled, coconut-topped snowball, a gianduja choc old fashioned with hazelnuts, cinnamon sugar, and raspberry, orange pistachio.

They’re open Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day from 7am. You can also pick up a box the night before, as they’re open until 6pm. Find the full list of Christmas doughnuts and opening hours below. 




Stollen – German-style spiced citrus cake doughnut filled with a marzipan pastry cream and covered in granulated sugar
Eggnog Snowball – Filled with an eggnog pastry cream and topped with Swiss meringue and fine coconut
Poppycock Bismarck – A maple caramel-corn-themed doughnut. Lucky’s maple custard topped with house made poppycock candied popcorn
Maple Bar – Maple custard-filled long john doughnut topped with a maple glaze
Mulled Wine Old Fashioned – An old-fashioned cake base topped with a mulled wine glaze
Gingerbread Old Fashioned – A gingerbread old-fashioned cake base glazed with white chocolate ganache, topped with candied cranberry and candied ginger
Cranberry/Orange/ Pistachio – Orange old-fashioned cake base topped with a cranberry glaze and roasted pistachio
Gianduja Chocolate Old Fashioned – Chocolate old-fashioned cake base topped with a milk-chocolate-hazelnut icing and candied hazelnuts
Thumbprint Shortbread Cookie – Hybrid of a Danish and a doughnut topped with vanilla glaze, shortbread crumble with raspberry jam piping
Chestnut Bismarck – Chestnut filling topped with almond pralines
Raspberry Berliner – Classic raspberry-filled doughnut topped with icing sugar
Cinnamon Sugar – Classic Christmas fare: cake doughnut dusted with cinnamon and sugar

Last modified: December 23, 2015

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