If there’s one thing that Kits is teeming with more than yoga studios, running stores, and smoothie joints, it’s sushi restaurants.

There seems to be one on every block, and each one is stuffed to the brim with satisfied customers. So let’s not call this a “5 Best” list, but a “5 of the Best” list, because who are we kidding? We have a lot of love to go around.

Here are five sushi restaurants in Kits that we can’t get enough of right now:

1. Kibune Sushi

Located a convenient half-block walk from the beach, Kibune is an entirely delightful dining experience. The service is true Japanese hospitality every time, and the food is just as authentic as the people preparing and serving it. The menu is extensive but each item on it is carefully created. Our recommendation: the Sushi and Sashimi dinner for two with a couple glasses of plum wine. Followed by a walk on the beach, it makes for a leisurely and delicious date night.

Kibune Sushi, 604-731-4482, 1508 Yew Street, www.kibune.com

2. Hi-Nippon Japanese Restaurant

The service at Hi-Nippon is why we keep going back. Exceptionally lovely and endearingly helpful, the staff is what makes the whole experience such a treat. Luckily, the food itself is also to die for. Offering a variety of healthy, fresh options (brown and black rice sushi, for instance) at great value (tempura choices hover between $7.50 and $9.50 for the six-piece plate), Hi-Nippon just does it right. And you feel like you’ve stepped across the world into Japan as soon as you enter.

Hi-Nippon Japanese Restaurant, 604-736-1766, 2274 west 4th Avenue, www.hi-nippon.com

3. Temaki Sushi

Boasting a bright, fresh, clean space, Temaki stands out among sushi spots for its open and inviting vibe. Known for its superb service and its great value (the crab salad, for example, is generous and only $7.99), this West Broadway hot spot serves up food that looks almost too good to eat. Everything is hand rolled and presented on beautiful platters that highlight the beauty of fresh, tasty food. Note: they are closed on Sundays and holidays. Maybe make this a mid-week lunch treat for yourself? It’s sure to brighten any rainy day.

Temaki Sushi, 604-738-4321, 2156 West Broadway, www.temakisushi.ca

4. Sushi Bella

The space is a little more clean-cut than the typical Kits sushi joint, with a modern, polished aesthetic and an attention paid to organization. Already, this is the sushi spot you want to take that special someone who you’re trying to impress. Add the fact that the food itself is inventive, creative, and entirely delicious, and you’ve got everything you need for a successful, enjoyable sushi dinner. Try the takoyaki (octopus balls) to add some tasty adventure to the evening.

Sushi Bella, 604-734-4990, 2059 West 4th Avenue, www.sushibella.com

5. The Eatery

Of course, The Eatery was going to make it onto this list because it’s just so fun in there! You feel like you’ve entered another planet once you step foot inside. Everything from the decor to the music to the sense of humour splashed across the menus makes for a complete dining experience. Speaking of menus, they’re huge. With so much selection, you’ll spend half the evening trying to decide what to order. And while the sushi itself is fantastic, what we keep going back for are the one-of-a-kind cocktails and, you guessed it, that deep-fried MARS bar.

The Eatery, 604-738-5298, 3431 West Broadway, www.theeatery.ca

Last modified: January 28, 2017

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