Ryan Reynolds Put Nat’s New York Pizzeria in Forthcoming Deadpool Film


Nat's Pizza Kitsilano

Image: The Province

Ryan Reynolds grew up kicking it in Kits. Part of his high school coming of age experience was hanging out in Nat’s New York Pizzeria (2684 W Broadway)  in Kitsilano in the 1990s. The Province reported that he’s paying back the owners by using their pies as props in his film Deadpool which was shooting in Vancouver. Nat’s Pizza was also served to cast and crew.

Nat’s New York Pizzeria is a family business by cousins Nat and Franco who came to Vancouver by way of New York. The pizza is a family recipe that nods to their Neapolitan ancestors but integrates NYC’s pizza style. The cousins are accustomed to famous fans. They get Canucks players in there regularly, as well as Danny DeVito and Charlize Theron. They’ve been voted best pizza in Canada by Flare magazine too. Expect an old school, comfort-food, movie night pie — the kid we all used to enjoy before the sticklers for Neapolitan authenticity took over the scene.

Last modified: July 8, 2015

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