Sweating Buckets at Kitsilano’s New Dailey Method Studio


Image: The Dailey Method

Image: The Dailey Method

I’m not one for fitness trends or upbeat group workouts. I’m an avid runner who also enjoys the occasional yoga class to get in a good stretch and some quiet time. But I recently had the opportunity to try out a class at the new Kitsilano Dailey Method studio on 4th and Burrard, and I have to say that I’m hooked.

The first thing I noticed upon walking in was the warm community atmosphere. The owner, Karen, seemed to be greeting each person by name, and everybody was so friendly to each other as we settled into our own stretches and waited for class to start.

The next hour brought a fast paced routine of moves that worked every part of the body. Core, thighs, arms, and everything in between got a thorough going over. The instructor, Stephanie, talked nonstop, describing exactly what we should be doing and how it should be feeling, as well as giving a rundown of why this particular exercise was important, what muscle areas it was working, and where we would be going next.

The class was extremely hands on, with lots of personalized adjustments, improvements, and encouragement dished out constantly. Focus was on careful alignment and posture, with a wide variety of strengthening and stretching exercises using balls, weights, resistance bands, and a ballet barre.

The non-impact, dynamic movement makes the workout suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Athletes, new moms, people recovering from injuries – all can benefit from the Dailey Method to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, lose weight, tighten, lengthen, and tone. I like to think of myself as a fit person, and I was sweating buckets within two minutes of the music starting.

Karen and Jey, sisters and co-owners of the Vancouver studios (the other location is in Dunbar Village), are certified teachers who swear by the method, both having dropped two sizes as a result (which is saying a lot for women who were in extremely good shape already). They opened the Dunbar studio five years ago, and opened the Kits spot just a month ago.

Karen tells me they did a lot of research to decide where their second location should be, and determined that the active Kits community was the perfect fit. Home to the original lululemon (where Karen was working when she first discovered the Dailey Method), Kits is always ready to receive new workout spots with open arms.

The studio, located at 1735 West 4th Ave., will be celebrating its official grand opening on April 11 and 12, offering free classes for those two days. Just email kits@thedaileymethod.com to reserve your spot in a class. I plan on being there!

Last modified: March 1, 2015

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  1. barbara Cross says:

    I would love to reserve a spot in your cycling category