Family-Style Thai New Year’s Eve Feast at Maenam, December 31


Image: Maenam

Image: Maenam

Gather your friends. Maenam’s Chef Angus An is preparing a tempting, Thai-style, New Year’s Eve feast December 31. The dinner is $60 a head for four courses served family-style. You can add their suggested wine pairings, which we generally think is a good idea when you’re dealing with a worthy establishment like Maenam. Afterall, The NYTimes thinks they deserve an international shout-out.

What’s on the menu? Fresh local seafood, intense curries, bright fruits and veg followed by refreshingly light desserts. There is a vegetarian version. We’ve put the menu below. Call to 604-730-5579 to book.

Maenam, 1938 W. 4th Ave., 604-730-5579,

Maenam New Year’s Eve Menu

4 Course Chef’s Menu: $60.00 | Vegetarian Menu: $50.00

First Course

crab and pomelo betal leaf wrap
miang buo som
served with ikura, lime dice and ginger


chicken and lobster in golden egg nets
caramelized shredded coconut, kaffir lime leaf, coriander

Second Course

hot and sour muslim spiced oxtail soup
sup hang neua
braised oxtail, orange zest, asian celery, vietnamese mint


hot and sour tamarind soup of grilled salmon
tom gati plah
coconut cream, good balance of the earthiness of tamarind and green mango


(for parties of 2 choose 1 salad, 1 stir fry, and 1 curry)

green mango salad with crispy soft shell crab
yum mamuang buo
toasted cashew nuts, sliced green mangos, lime zest


braised beef short ribs salad
neua kem sot
coconut broth, mint, coriander, lemongrass

3 flavor lobster
gung lobster samlot
sweet, sour, salty and aromatic, served with fried shallots and Thai basil


stir-fried ribeye steak
pad neua prik thai dum
wild ginger, green pepper corn, black pepper sauce

red curry of duck leg
geng pbet
braised leg, kaffir rich curry, Thai basil


southern style seafood curry
geng gati
kaffir lime zest, young coconut, crab, mussels, lingcod


our version of ice coffee, served with crumble, vanilla milk and
condensed milk ice cream


jackfruit custard
jackfruit, young coconut, pandanus syrup

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