Tips for Recycling and Selling Used Cell Phones in Kitsilano


Image: ALT1040 from Blogosfer

Image: ALT1040 from Blogosfer

Kitsilano has four cell phone shops on West 4th alone. Just about every month, a new “it” phone comes out and appears in their windows winking with shiny, revolutionary features.

Whether we’re Android or Apple fans, we all upgrade our hardware. Some of us upgrade frequently because we’re tech geeks and we know the specs and must have the new toy. Others of us upgrade with our contract, before really mastering the features on our old phones. Either way, most of us have a drawer of dusty old phones and chargers we keep for “backup,” — a.k.a. we don’t know how to get rid of them.

You have two options for getting rid of old phones: recycling used cell phones and selling used cell phones. If you’re recycling, use BC’s Recyclepedia for a list of locations in Kitsilano where you can drop off your used cell phone. If you’re selling your used cell phone, here are some tips for doing so.

Tips for Selling Used Cell Phones in Kitsilano

1. Pick a free classifieds site. The cell cell phone market on Kijiji moves fast.

2. When you write your ad, put the model in the subject line.

3. Read other ads to get a feel of what to say. See what works and what doesn’t.  Then use common sense. Mimic the ad you would buy from. Don’t do what the ad you found annoying did.

4. Be upfront and honest about the condition of the phone. Is it New In Box (NIB) or gently used? For how long? Are there scratches?

5. Be detailed. People want to know everything from the size to the colour of the case to the accessories included. Include at least three great photos of your actual phone. Specify method of payment required. Most folks choose cash.

6. Be approachable. You can be funny, witty, interesting all in a matter of a few sentences. Say why you’re selling.

Good luck! Have a tip to add? Help out by commenting below.

Last modified: October 2, 2014

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