Week five of the semester means that classes are in full swing and student stress levels are on a steady incline.

One crucial component of student life is finding your go-to study spot where you can get into your zone. Kitsilano is definitely the hot spot for UBC and SFU students in Vancouver, and we have a huge range of cafes, coffee shops, and the like that are perfect for studying.

Here are a few of my favourite neighbourhood nooks and crannies to hole up in with my books.

Bean Around the World

For Solo Sessions and Morning Meetings

If you want some peace and quiet while you work, or want to touch base with a classmate over caffeine, Bean Around the World on Cornwall is a great choice. My favourite spot to get some real good reading done, Bean makes the best Dirty Chai (chai tea latte with a shot of espresso) and is filled with natural light to save your poor eyes from squinting.
Bean Around the World, 1945 Cornwall Avenue, 604-739-1069, www.batw.ca


For Study Dates and Weekday Writing

Blenz is my favourite spot when working alongside somebody or plugging away on an assignment. I find that I do my most productive writing when surrounded by this mix of focused energy and background buzz. Blenz also offers a great student discount with the SPC Card, and makes the most delicious hot chocolate. It’s close to campus too, so it’s a nice place to venture to after class for some solid study time before heading home.
Blenz Coffee, 3498 West 4th Avenue, 604-738-2562, www.blenz.com

Calhoun’s [CLOSED]

For Group Gatherings and Day to Night Shifts

Not exactly a nook or a cranny, Calhoun’s is huge and open and filled to the brim with students. Open 24 hours, with not only the best coffee around but also a liquor license, it has everything your heart desires when hitting the books. Delicious food (the chicken quesadillas are my favourite), nice big tables to spread your papers on, a playlist that keeps you awake without being distracting, over-the-top accommodating service, and the energy of dozens of motivated students – what more could you need for a long afternoon to evening to midnight study session? Just don’t freak out when you get there and there’s no free table – it’s the perfect opportunity to buddy up and find a procrastination partner.
Calhoun’s, 3035 West Broadway, 604-737-7062, www.calhouns.bc.ca

Siegel’s and The Naam

For Midnight Pick Me Ups

When you’re working overtime to make a deadline and need a midnight treat, there are two spots in particular that offer round the clock sustenance. Siegel’s Bagels is the perfect place to grab a quick snack before heading back home to hit the books. If you’re in the mood for more of a midnight meal, The Naam is the place to be. Whether nesting at home or in a library on campus, it’s just a short trip to a delicious, healthy, and energizing nighttime feast. Both are open 24 hours and milling with students who need a bit of a boost at all times of the day and night.
Siegel’s Bagels, 1883 Cornwall Ave., 604-737-8151, www.siegelsbagels.com
The Naam, 2724 W 4th Ave., 604-738-7151, www.thenaam.com

Honourable Mentions

If you are simply looking for a change of scenery in the midst of a long day of studying, then you’re definitely in the right neighbourhood. There are more than enough hidden gems to go around in Kits. A few more of my favourites: Culprit (it’s sunshiny and has the best cookies); Momento (it has absolutely delicious coffee); Notte’s Bon Tonne (you’ll have the place to yourself with a pot of tea, a tasty treat, and your book); Higher Grounds (big windows and lots of space help you breathe easy when you’re stressed); and 49th Parallel (donuts).

Last modified: September 12, 2018

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