Lucky’s Doughnuts Launches New Menu; Pumpkin Doughnuts Are Back



Go buy elastic waist pants. Lucky’s Doughnuts, our local doughnut shop that operates out of 49th Parallel Coffee (2198 West 4th) , launches their new menu today. They’ve remixed old favourites; they’ve added new wonders.

Pumpkin doughnuts return with a few tweaks (see above). There’s a magical breakfast cruller with maple icing and candied peppercorn bacon (see below). We’re tempted to use that as the carb in a wacky sweet-meets-savoury-eggs breakfast sandwich.  Other standouts: chocolate chip cookie dough (what?!) and a matcha bismarck. Ummm, eat your greens? 

Food porn photos below:



Last modified: September 17, 2014

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