Local Church Buys Beloved Hollywood Theatre


Courtesy of the Vancouver Sun

Courtesy of the Vancouver Sun

According to a press release dated April 27, Church From the Hollywood and 4184 Investments Ltd have signed a Purchase and Sales Agreement for the Hollywood Theatre, the much loved Art Deco theatre located on West Broadway in Kitsilano.

The theatre will provide the pentecostal church with much needed new worship and meeting space as the congregation is quickly outgrowing its current facilities, as well as the opportunity to continue engaging with local community programs, community events and initiatives, in the same spirit as they did during their 15 month lease.

In their short time at the former Hollywood Theatre, over $16,000 was raised for local community projects and organizations through volunteer-run events. Box office proceeds were given away to St James Community Square, the Lookout Shelter Society, and Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, among many other local recipients.

The Church from the Hollywood has said that it will continue to operate the theatre under the same community model.

The Hollywood Theatre was recently named the #1 endangered heritage site in Vancouver in 2014. It looks like the grand old dame might have her happy ending after all.

Last modified: May 7, 2014

8 Responses to " Local Church Buys Beloved Hollywood Theatre "

  1. Antje says:

    Wow. Finally some good news – this city needs to get serious about protecting its historical buildings. Once they’re gone, that’s it – no going back.

  2. ex-kitsie says:

    What happened to the two signs from the front of the theatre? They were removed a short while ago – will they be replaced with a neon cross?

  3. Dave Fairleigh III says:

    My great grandfather Reginald Fairleigh built this theatre in 1936, my grandfather David I and later my father David II ran the theatre until he sold it,I am so happy that people will be able to enjoy this beautiful theatre, it was meant to be for the enjoyment of the community and continues to serve the community

  4. Dave Fairleigh III says:

    I did notice that my grandfather’s beloved neon lights have been removed 🙁

  5. John Atkin says:

    The neon was removed for the painting of the building and restoration of the marquee. It will be back.

  6. Betty Rieter says:

    How wonderful that this article was written!
    So people become aware what is going on in beautiful Vancouver.
    That this precious building is preserved,people walk by and smile and realise good things happen!

  7. Joanne says:

    I don’t know why a church would want at theatre? It will not be a community space like the Save the Hollywood coalition is trying to create. It will be a church. I hope this doesn’t happen. I am hoping the City will purchase it and run it as a great cultural space for the community! I hope the interior is left as its beautiful self, with that great balcony and projection room!
    The exterior is also left the same! The Hollywood Theatre.

  8. local says:

    I walked by the Hollywood Theater today and noticed how terrible it looked, dirty with random papers stuck on the doors and in the advertising booths, a homeless guy sleeping out front — in the middle of the day on a Saturday. I hope these guys fix it up so it looks halfway decent at least. Right now it is an eyesore.