As the sun shines brighter and the seawall calls louder, the faint of heart may roll up their mats and replace their daily downward dog with a breath of fresh sea air. But over here in Kits, yoga isn’t just a rainy day replacement for an outdoor work out; it’s a way of life. It’s part of our Lululemon-wearing, Whole Foods-shopping, early morning-OMing granola label that we wear loud and proud.

We’ve got an abundance of places to practice yoga to prove it. Yet not all yoga studios are created equal. I’ve picked a few of the most popular and will break them down for you, so that you can find just the right fit for your summer of stretching those beautiful beach bods.

1. Semperviva

2201 West 4th Avenue | 604-739-2009 |

Semperviva is all about community and inspiration. Both Kitsilano studios (one on West 4th at Yew and one on West Broadway at Maple) welcome you in with a warmth and comfort that make it okay to attempt even the most daunting twists and binds. With a variety of classes and a selection of the best and most diverse instructors, there’s a little something for everybody. But one thing that you all must try is owner Gloria Latham’s Kundalini class – prepare to exercise the body, mind, and soul and be truly inspired. If you’re new to Semperviva, you can enjoy 30 days unlimited for just $25. With lots of deals and discounts available, the price is more than fair for the incredible experience.

2. YYoga

1915 West 4th Avenue | 604-336-4599 |

While Semperviva is cozy and pretty, YYoga is modern and sleek. Located on 4th and Cypress, this studio offers two big yoga rooms, a sauna, an outdoor patio-lounge, mat and towel services, and extensive change room facilities. This is for the on-the-go yogi who is making a pit stop between work and dinner, and is committed to a lifestyle of fitness. But don’t get me wrong; the classes themselves are just as meditative and fulfilling as anywhere else, with instructors that are talented and motivating. The cost is a little bit higher than other studios in the area, but with more amenities on offer the price balances out. Plus moms practice free on Mother’s Day. Mamaste, folks.

3. Yogacara

2460 Trafalgar Street | 604-736-9642 |

Yogacara is devoted to the true philosophy of yoga.  With a commitment to maintaining small classes and providing personal attention to each student, the vibe is a little different than the hustle and bustle of YYoga’s 8000 sqft or Semperviva’s familial atmosphere. Offering everything form Hatha to Vinyassa to Pilates, this studio is for those of you who want to truly practice and perfect the art of yoga. The price is steep – the newcomer deal is $35 for one week – but the benefits go far beyond just a toned tummy and strong shoulders.

Other wonderful studios in the neighbourhood: Yoga West, which teaches Kundalini exclusively; Moksha Yoga, an independent hot yoga studio; and The Path Yoga Centre, which offers a more spiritual practice. Kids can get in on the action too at YogaButtons Kids Studio on West Broadway.

Have one to add? Help out by commenting below.

Last modified: February 20, 2017

4 Responses to " Best Yoga Studio in Kitsilano? "

  1. Carrie says:

    Sadly, Yogacara on Trafalgar Street closed down a few months ago.

  2. Marilyn says:

    For those who want intensity, strength training and cardio instead of serenity with their yoga, try a new hybrid yoga: DDP Yoga at Evangelista Dojo

  3. Peter Raab says:

    Both are great and offer quite different experiences. Semperviva has been around for a long time and has a strong community following. I go to Yyoga because I like a a heated room and they have shower facilities. Both have great teachers!

  4. Michael says:

    Both are great for yoga, but my advice is to take an intro special at all possible studios. I am a huge fan of YYoga and they also have a smaller brand new space at West 6th and Fir. The combination of multiple locations, extended hours, YRide spin classes giving cardio and yoga in one membership) in multiple locations including a gorgeous room at Flow Downtown at Smithe and Burrard, Infrared Saunas which are so helpful in beating the winter blahs, and elite spa like finishes. It’s also nice to not hear the buses of Braodway in any of the stuidos, which was an issue with studios on Broadway. I never imagined going to Flow Downtown at Smithe and Burrard would be relaxing, but the non-heated corner room it’s a heavenly space and the array of additional classes has me practicing as much Downtown as in Kits even though I live in Kits. If yoga is new to you, taking a Yoga 101 seminar and starting with the slower paced classes can help with learning sequences.