We’ve already filled you in on all the best Easter events and toddler treats in and around the neighbourhood, but what about some guilty pleasures you can justifiably indulge in over the long weekend?

I’m not just talking chocolate (although the sweet stuff admittedly pops up more than once on my list), but all things Easter-themed that will spoil you rotten for the holiday. Here are 5 indulgent Easter baskets ideas found in Kitsilano shops and boutiques.

Easter eggs and baskets1) Tea from David’s Tea ($27.50)

For Easter, David’s is offering an egg hunt in a box: a special collection of twelve teas concealed behind hidden doors. Including a couple of my favourites, like Coco Chai Rooibos (a spicy cinnamon and coconut chai blend) and The Earl’s Garden (Earl Grey with a hint of juicy strawberry), this pretty box is the perfect incentive to sit back and relax over the long weekend.

David’s Tea, 2230 West 4th Ave., 604-734-3440, www.davidstea.com

2) Chocolate Bunny from Thomas Haas (starting at $24)

We all know how delicious and decadent Thomas Haas chocolate is, and the Easter Collection this year doesn’t disappoint. My favourite is the traditional Easter bunny, complete with colourful butterflies, bows, and eggs. Use it as a centerpiece for dinner, and then dig in for dessert.

Thomas Haas, 2539 W Broadway, 604-736-1848, www.thomashaas.com

3) Bath treats from LUSH (starting at $5.95)

Every year, LUSH comes out with a bigger and better collection of bath bombs and bubbles for Easter. This year, there are new inventions, like a sparkly honey-scented golden egg bath bomb wrapped in cocoa butter, and reusable solid bubble bath shaped like bunches of carrots. These products are a wonderful alternative to chocolate when gifting or when treating yourself.

LUSH, 2248 W Broadway, 604-733-5874, www.lush.ca

4) Egg Ornaments from Oh My Gift ($9.99 to $16.99)

Oh My Gift has a knack for stocking a delightful mix of trinkets for every occasion, and right now they have some beautiful egg-shaped ornaments perfect for Easter. Available in every size and colour with a variety of patterns, shimmers, and glitters, they’ll add just the right touch of sparkle to your Easter brunch decor.

Oh My Gift, 2235 West 4th Ave., 604-733-0008, www.ohmygift.ca

5) Chocolate Eggs from Notte’s Bon Ton (starting at $9.70)

Beautifully crafted chocolate eggs from Notte’s Bon Ton come in a range of sizes, each decorated with elaborate and colourful flowers and swirls. They’ll make the perfect hostess gift if you’re lucky enough to be the guest this weekend.

Notte’s Bon Ton Bakery, 3150 W Broadway, 604-681-3058, www.nottesbontonpastry.com

Last modified: March 16, 2018

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