Studying for Exams? Where to Pull an All-Nighter in Kitsilano



Image: Siegel’s Bagels

It’s that time of year again for Vancouver university students. During exams, real estate for your bum and books is hard to come by, especially in the wee hours of the night when you really, really need to be anywhere except your apartment. Kitsilano has a few cafes and restaurants that are open 24/7. Here’s where to geek it up at 3am.

Studying for Exams? Where to Pull an All-Nighter in Kitsilano

1. Calhoun’s Bakery Cafe
Bustling with UBC students all day long, this cafe serves mediocre “comfort food”  and decent coffee all day long.  Free WiFi with purchase (3 hour expiry).
3035 West Broadway, 604-731-7062,

2. Siegel’s Bagels
The hidden gem of the slim 24/7 pickings in the neighbourhood, Siegel’s is located in the strip mall at Cypress and Cornwall, just southwest of the Burrard Street bridge. The bagels are chewy and fat. The fluroescent lighting is inspiring. And there’s almost always space at the counter.
1883 Cornwall Ave., 604-737-8151,

3. The Naam
The pioneer Vancouver vegetarian restaurant, the Naam has been rescuing folks from hunger at 4am for over 30 years. Weekends are super busy but on a weeknight, you’ll have no problem getting a table and lingering over your books. In fact, given the sluggish waitstaff, they may not even notice that you’re hanging out. Just don’t get miso gravy on your trackpad.
2724 W 4th Ave., 604-738-7151,

Last modified: April 4, 2014

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