LEGO Travel Adventure Exhibit Takes off at Science World



At LEGO Travel Adventure, visitors are invited to drive, fly, or float anywhere their imaginations take them by creating extraordinary vehicles out of the greatest building materials of all time—LEGO! The exhibit, running at Science World until May 6, is well worth a visit.

The key moments in travel history sculptures, built by LEGO Master Builders, are really impressive. My personal favourites are the Wright Brothers Flight at Kitty Hawk and the driving in of the Golden Spike on the Transcontinental Railroad. At the build tables, children (and adults) can dream up and create their own vehicles from the heaps of Lego on-hand. There are also DUPLO LEGO stations for younger kids and a dress-up corner for fun photo-ops.

If you love LEGO and would prefer to take in the exhibit without kids then the Bricks & Drinks Mixer on Friday April 25, 7-10 pm is for you. You can create at your leisure, mingle and take in all the other galleries at a more relaxed pace.

LEGO Travel Adventure runs February 1–May 6 at Science World. Check their website for opening hours before you go.

Science World, 1455 Quebec St., (604) 443-7440,

Last modified: March 6, 2014

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