When you really crave pumpkin, a pumpkin spice latte from a Starbucks just won’t cut it. Pumpkin, fall’s quintessential flavour, performs best in desserts.

Where can you get your pumpkin dessert fix in Kitsilano this fall? Here are five pumpkin desserts you must try now. Go forth and indulge.

Pumpkin Cheesecake at Thomas Haas

This classic creamy cheesecake is spiced with the usual suspects cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. The pecan crumb base and  caramelized pumpkin filling make it superb. Buy it by the tart ($5.80) or splurge on a full cake ($42) for your Thanksgiving guests.

Thomas Haas, 2539 West Broadway Avenue, 604-736-1848, Thomashaas.com

Pumpkin Pie Bismarck at Lucky’s Doughnuts

This irresistible pumpkin bomb debuted just in time for Thanksgiving. Filled with pumpkin pie pastry cream, and glazed and finished with a pumpkin spice pie crust cookie, you can serve it for brunch, dessert, or grab one for breakfast on the go during the frantic meal shopping this weekend.

Lucky’s Doughnuts, 2198 W 4th Avenue, (604) 420-4901, Luckysdoughnuts.com

Pumpkin Pralines at Chocolate Arts

This chocolate boutique has a cult-like following with good reason. The creative seasonal chocolate offerings are consistent only in the fact that they’re surprising and delightful. This fall, we’re into the pralines with roasted local organic sugar pumpkin, spices, Appleton rum, crunchy almond praline and milk chocolate enrobed in dark chocolate. Bonus: While there, tryt he candy corn ice cream: organic local corn with a soft caramel swirl.

Chocolate Arts, 1620 West 3rd Avenue, 604 739 0475, Chocolatearts.com

Classic Pumpkin Pie at Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe

Organic sugar pumpkin shines in a classic butter crust. This Thanksgiving staple is also available vegan and gluten free. $7.25 a slice. $28-$42 for a whole pie, depending on dietary restrictions.

Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe & Pie Shop, 3598 West Fourth Ave.,604-733-8308, Organiccafe.ca

pumpkin desserts vancouverBeaucoup’s Pumpkin Tart. Photo credit: Beaucoup

Pumpkin Tarts at Beaucoup Bakery

A truly inspired bakery, owing to owner Jackie’s ability to fuse her frequent jaunts to Parisian patisseries with the best of Norh American produce and baking standards. You’ll have to wear blinders to limit your tasting to Beaucoup’s seasonal pumpkin tart with orange meringue, candied ginger and pepitas.

Beaucoup Bakery, 2150 Fir Street,(604) 732-4222, Beaucoupbakery.com

Last modified: November 21, 2019

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