After having lived in France for a few years while growing up, I came to expect that all croissants should taste as wonderful as they do there. I know, I know. Pure croissant snobbism. But you have to admit, it takes a certain mastery to get the perfect amount of flaky pastry while maintaining a soft and buttery rich inside.

I am happy to say that there are a few places in Kitsilano that have satisfied my croissant cravings and meet my high croissant standards. Here are the best cafes and bakeries to have a croissant in Kitsilano.

1) Patisserie Bordeaux, 3675 West 10th Avenue, 604-731-6551,

A French bakery does not always equal french croissants, but in this case it does. This is the closest thing I have been able to find to the real deal. The pastry is the perfect combination of buttery and flaky. Bordeaux is owned by an actual French pastry maker for among the most authentic French croissant experience you could possibly get in Vancouver. Oh, you will have to look for this place as it is tucked away in a corner. Totally worth the Google Map search.

2) Beyond Bread, 3686 West 4th Avenue, 604-733-3931,

A very impressive rendition of the traditional croissant. Most of the time, it’s bang on in terms of the proper soft versus flaky ratio. The odd time I find that the croissant can be a little over-baked taking away from the light and subtle buttery sweetness. Worth a shot when in the neighbourhood, for sure! Very friendly staff that have good banter, too.

3) Thomas Haas, 2539 West Broadway, 604-736-1848,

A re-imagined version of the classic croissant. The double baked chocolate almond croissant is something from another world. It combines all things decadent in a heavy, buttery pastry. Delicious but not for the faint of heart or those seeking a classic croissant experience. My pet peeves about this place are the rates at which these run out and the fact that they are closed on Sundays, my favourite day for croissants!

These are my top 3 croissant gems in Kits. Have you found any that you are willing to share? If so, please leave your suggestion in the comment box below. Enjoy your croissants — Bon appetit!

Last modified: March 29, 2017

5 Responses to " Searching for the Perfect Croissant in Kits "

  1. Erik says:

    While I’m a big fan of Beyond Bread for other loaves, I think the best croissant in Kits is at Baguette & Co., 3273 W. Broadway.

  2. S. Morris Rose says:

    Second vote for Baguette & Co. Not sure that they are the *best* croissants in Kits- would I know em if I saw em?- but they are as good as any and better than many. Cheerful staff, nice venue, and many other good products.

    Another gem, just to the west and across West Broadway, is Angus Bakery, which turns out God-like danish.

    It’s really amazing the density of excellence over there. We are not worthy!

  3. Juia says:

    Plasir Sucre st 2680 Arbutus has amazingly delicate, flakey authentic French croissants. The owner Fabrice Roche is friendly, pleasant and authentically French. If you haven’t walked the two blocks up from Broadway, you really should.

  4. Julie says:

    Thanks for the suggestions! I will be sure to check them out!

  5. Sarah says:

    My favourite croissants are at Beaucoup Bakery on Fir at 5th. I think they should be in your top three!