Beaucoup Bakery Launches Decadent Spring 2013 Dessert Collection


If only pastries had feet, I am certain that they would be striking their delicate pieds* down a haute couture catwalk, perhaps at some of the top French fashion houses, say Coconut Chanel or maybe Croissant Dior.

On the other hand, since pastries are inanimate and subject to a third party (like me) controlling their mobility, which is 90% of the time en route from plate to mouth, I get to enjoy the beautiful journey of consumption.

This is exactly what I had the pleasure of doing on Monday, sampling the many delectable treats of Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe’s Spring 2013 Dessert Collection Launch. The creator and lady behind it all, Jackie Ellis, showcased her brilliant concept of combining two of her most favourite things: pastries and fashion.

Each featured pastry was paired with one of this season’s most coveted fashion trends. Whether it was the Chocolate Passion Fruit Bar clad like a tuxedo, or the Raspberry Pistachio Macaron Frais exhibiting some fun and modern floral prints – each bite into confectionery heaven had me wanting to hit the boutiques and beautify my wardrobe for Spring. I may or may not have stopped by at a couple shops on the way back home from the event. And I may or may not have walked out with a couple pairs of shoes and dresses. Let’s just say Monday redefined for me what sweet indulgence really means.

Pastry runway shots after the jump.

The highlight of the event, though, was being able to share in Jackie’s philosophy of bringing people together through her delicious creations, the very art of building a sense of community through something we all love and cherish – food. A truly inspiring story of a woman who chased her passion without looking back, each dessert was a reflection of Jackie’s wholehearted love for baking and bringing people sheer joy through her edible masterpieces.

Here are some photo highlights from the event:

 The Chocolate Passion Fruit Bar – Tuxedo pairing


The Raspberry Pistachio Macaron Frais, pretty in pink.


Fresh Berry Tart


 Black Sesame Religieuse keeping it classy.

 Cassis Blackberry Lemon Cake


The Vanilla Mille Feuille resembling the ruffles of a light and airy dress, perfect for Spring.


 Illustrated desserts from this Spring’s Collection.

 Take home goodies from the event, to continue the indulgence in the comforts of my home.

So without further ado, if you’re looking for the ultimate sweet indulgence, make sure to stop by Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe to try some pret-a-manger* pieces from this season’s new dessert collection! I guarantee you will be having a haute couture party in your mouth. Bon Appetit!

 Beaucoup Bakery &  Cafe,  2150 Fir Street, 604-732-4222,

*pieds = feet

**pret-a-manger = ready-to-eat

Photo Credits: Youna Choi

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Youna is currently a third year UBC pharmacy student and Kitsilano resident. She collects succulents and terrariums. In her free time she loves to run, take photos, and jam out on her guitar.


Last modified: May 1, 2013

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