La Quercia chefs to open new eatery in Yaletown’s OPUS Hotel


According to The Yaletowner, the OPUS has struck a new partnership with Adam Pegg and Lucais Syme of Kitsilano’s award-winning Northern Italian eatery La Quercia.

Pegg and Syme will be opening a new restaurant concept in the space currently known as Cento Notti and OPUS Bar.

OPUS General Manager Nicholas Gandossi sees the involvement of Pegg and Syme, together with Restaurateur Peter Girges, as yet another opportunity to keep OPUS on the leading edge of hospitality.

Pegg and Syme see the collaboration as an opportunity to expand their culinary repertoire beyond the walls of their acclaimed west side trattoria. “We’ve always wanted to work on a larger food program and we were thrilled when this conversation began,” says Pegg with Syme adding: “We’re looking forward to working with a new dining concept in such a vibrant part of the city.”

Cento Notti will close on the evening of August 12th for renovations and a new restaurant is scheduled to reopen in early September 2012. The OPUS Bar will remain open throughout this changeover.

Photo: Scout Magazine

Last modified: June 20, 2020

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