Vancouver’s first kids’ yoga studio to open in Kitsilano in September


Kitsilano has long been Vancouver’s yoga hub, so it is no surprise that Yoga Buttons chose our neighbourhood to open the first Vancouver kids’ yoga studio, with classes starting this September. The studio is located in the former Vita Salon space at 2525 West Broadway.

Yoga’s benefits of flexibility, strength and relaxation transcend all ages. Yoga at an early age is said to encourage self-esteem and body awareness as well as foster cooperation and compassion. I am always a bit skeptical of a tot class but, if nothing else, kids yoga offers an opportunity for physical activity in a non-competitive environment, which I am all for.

Watch for classes to get underway in September 2012.

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Yoga Buttons, 2525 West Broadway, 778-688-9642,

Last modified: July 17, 2012

4 Responses to " Vancouver’s first kids’ yoga studio to open in Kitsilano in September "

  1. princeofbuzz says:

    The concept of toddler/childrens yoga is absurd. Young children are already mobile by nature and could derive the same (and more) benefit from getting out and simply playing, participating in team sports or another youth fitness-based class that is more centered on locomotor, nonlocomotor, manipulative and systemic strength based programs grounded in fun.

    There is NOTHING children’s yoga offers that cannot be accomplished in sport or play.