Owners Of Kitsilano’s Q4 Take Over DB Bistro Space On West Broadway


Great news for the Kitsilano food scene. Andrew Morrison of Scout Magazine reported today that Patrick Corsi and Alex Tsakumis of  Q4 (formerly “Quattro on Fourth”) have just picked the lease on the old DB Bistro/Feenie’s and Lumiere spaces at 2551 West Broadway.

These are iconic locations in the pantheon of Vancouver’s restaurant scene. I can’t count on my hands and feet the number of great cooks, servers, sommeliers, bartenders and managers that worked these rooms and kitchens in years gone by. Few other addresses have spawned so many others. Would we have a Boneta, Ensemble, Farina, Tableau, L’Abattoir, Cadeaux, or Cabana without it? Perhaps not. Would the Cactus Club be anywhere near as tolerable as it is today? Definitely not.

According to Morrison the new lease holders are considering turning the space (and its million dollar kitchen) into another Q4 and changing the original on West 4th into something else.

Last modified: March 14, 2012

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