Goodbye, Paboom: Doors closing Dec. 30


I’m officially bummed. Retails stores come and go on West 4th, but this one stings. Paboom, purveyor of clever kitsch, useful-AND-attractive kitchen tools and lovely home items is closing doors Dec. 30. They’re focusing the entirety of their business efforts on their other retail location in Victoria.

According to Paboom’s Facebook page, the stock (which has been 40% off since Boxing Day) is decimated. I’ve been traveling and haven’t paid them a farewell visit, so I intend to drop by tomorrow. They’re open 10am-6:00pm.

Without Paboom and U Life Accessory which closed in August, where will Kits residents find locally-curated, pretty bits and bobs. I’m stumped. What are your thoughts?

Paboom Home Imports, 2209 West 4th Ave., 604-738-1050,

Last modified: December 29, 2011

7 Responses to " Goodbye, Paboom: Doors closing Dec. 30 "

  1. CGB says:

    Oh My Gift just a few shops down has beautiful items selected by a very talented store owner!

  2. Taraneh says:

    How are the prices? I found Paboom really reasonable.

  3. CGB says:

    Quite reasonable, overall! Some very high quality/imported items can be pricey, but worth it.

  4. lara says:

    OH MY GIFT is really nice. The store owners are very helpful! Some stuff can be pricey, but the gifts are unique and wow–the owner does an AMAZING job on the window displays!!

    A nice shop by a great vancouver couple!

  5. Serendipity says:

    Ming Wo also has quite a great selection of items!

  6. F Saunders says:

    I have noticed over the past 2 years many popular stores that once were located on 4th between Macdonald and Granville have either closed or moved somewhere else. 4th Ave no longer has the same appeal to me now that it’s lost quite a few of these stores. I can go to any random mall and find an esscents or a Saje or Lush. I hope the retail space owners are not responsible for this. I would hate to think that a simple rent increase is driving some of these great shops away. But I suppose business is like that sometimes.

    Also: Oh My Gift is nice if you’re into fancy-pants things, but it’s no replacement for funky Paboom.