U Life Accessory Store closes


U Life Accessory, a lovely lifestyle boutique and winner of the Westender‘s Best Gift Store in 2010, officially closed its doors on August 2.

Unlike Gandy’s Home Hardware, this wasn’t a dramatic in-the-red scenario. Owner Unity Whittaker made the decision not to renew the lease for another five years.

According to FASHION, “Whittaker ignited her love affair with one-of-a-kind pieces while backpacking far and wide, collecting unique finds along the way.”

U Life carried a well-curated selection of classy baubles. A steady stream of shoppers did their best over the last couple of weeks to clear out all of U Life’s oddball Sigg water bottles and sparkly Tarina Tarantino jewelry.

Best of luck to you, Unity. I’ll have to find somewhere new to shop for bridal shower gifts.  Now I’m quite curious to see who is interested in this prime real estate at 2028 Vine St.

U Life Store, 2028 Vine St., 604-879-9135

Last modified: August 3, 2011

4 Responses to " U Life Accessory Store closes "

  1. Mike Jones says:

    Should we be worried about all the shuttered store fronts along W4th ave? HAs the economy’s slump hit home? My girlfriend and I counted 6-8 closed stores between Arbutus and Maple. That along with losing everyone’s favourite local hardware store, a few bars on Yew st. and U Life’s lovely hammock chairs (that I sat in every weekend) – I’m starting to worry that Kitsilano is slipping.

  2. Jason says:

    It’s partly the economy, but I’d say most of it is real estate speculators having driven up prices and lease rates.

  3. Unity says:

    I arrived back in Vancouver a month ago after spending 8 months in Europe, Nelson, LA and North Carolina. I miss the community of 4th Avenue and I am so grateful for all of the wonderful support during our 5 years there. Thank you for this great little tid bit on why we closed. I am sorry to see Paboom is gone as well. I loved the owners and it was a great store.

    Best Wishes to you all,
    Unity Marguerite