All natural craft soda company SIP opens in Kits


I had a chance to meet Jennifer Martin, food scientist, fine water connoisseur and founder of SIP Soda Co., and taste three new sparking water sodas on the weekend. As someone who has spent most of the last year pregnant, I only wish I had found the sodas sooner!

SIP stands for “Simple, Infused, Pairings of Botanicals and Fruit.” The sodas come in three flavours: Lavender Lemon Peel, Coriander Orange and Rosemary Lime. They provide a sophisticated, interesting taste experience with only 25 calories. While the sodas offer a great alternative for non-drinkers, I think they would taste great with a splash of gin too.

SIP soda co. is based in Kitsilano and available in the neighbourhood at Capers/Whole Foods and IGA Marketplace.

SIP Soda Co., 2175 West 4th Ave., 604-224-4555,

Last modified: October 14, 2011

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