Head out to UBC’s Apple Festival October 15-16


Bramley Seedling. Cox’s Orange Pippin. Ambrosia. Red delicious. Gold delicious. Jonagold. Gala. Braeburn. Fuji…I could co go on.

All these apple varieties are available at UBC’s annual Apple Festival October 15-16 from 11am-4pm, in the UBC Botanical Gardens, where you can learn about the 70+ varieties of apples and taste up to 60 varieties grown in BC.

After you sample the pure fruit, there’s also tons of sweets from pie to honey and cider. Meanwhile avid gardeners can pick up tips for coping with apple tree diseases and pest management, plus purchase apple trees. The children’s area offers crafts, face painting, story telling and the chance to explore UBC’s botanical gardens.

Every year fest-goers buy 44,000 pounds or 20,000 kilos of B.C. apples, but since they often run out of apples on the second day,  I suggest going early! Admission is $4 for adults and children over 12 and includes free access to the garden.  This is always a great event for all ages.

UBC Botanical Gardens, 6804 SW Marine Drive, 604-822-4459, Botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/apple-festival

Last modified: October 14, 2011

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