Recent coyote sightings and safety


Hey all. Kits resident Sarah wrote to tell us that the York and Vine block has experienced two coyote attacks and they regularly see a pair coyotes hunting together. She says: “Please make a post about this as small dogs and cats are in dangers and the owners must be alert.”

If you’d like to report a coyote sighting or get your hands on more resources for dealing with coyotes, check out the Stanley Park Ecology Society, which has a hotline and an up to date map of all coyote activity in Vancouver. We also did a long blog post on what do do if you meet a coyote here.

Stanley Park Ecology Society, 604-681-WILD,

Last modified: September 12, 2011

12 Responses to " Recent coyote sightings and safety "

  1. CB says:

    There you go. I live on Maple in Kits Point and I swore I heard coyotes howling last night.

  2. Jenny says:

    I saw two coyotes at about 5am two weeks ago, they had a cat…..Vine and 7th

  3. Brae says:

    I see them almost every morning in the field in front of the music school on Chestnut. The representative from the SPCA told me they’ve been know to take small dogs off leashes from owners. My dog and I have very different walks now, no slack on the leash 🙂

  4. Charlie says:

    Hey, any other big dog owners out there. I’ve got a Weimaraner with very high prey drive. We should get together and go hunting for coyotes.

  5. Denise says:

    There were two coyotes at 15th/Mackenzie this morning.

  6. nancy says:

    I heard a woman screaming that a coyote killed her dog at 2am the other night at 5th and Balaclava. It was incredibly sad. There are signs around here that coyotes have killed cats here as well. My question is why can’t the city do anything about this apparent problem? Why can’t they be humanely relocated? I have a big dog and I am terrified to walk him.

  7. Noemie says:

    Hey there, it’s the 2nd time this summer I encounter cayotes on my way back home from the bar (yew and York) at first I tough it was just a lost dog and was looking for the owner but I got closer with my bike and it was a cayote! I saw it also once again with my boyfriend biking back late night. All around yew st and 2nd avenue.

  8. Amber M says:

    I was shocked to find these posts from September, as Kitsilano still has a major Coyote problem on January 2nd, 2012. My husband and I and our 1 year old French Bulldog live at Maple & 2nd and have found ourselves “surprised” to say the least, by groupings of 2-3 medium sized coyotes for the past 3 weeks straight. A few days before Christmas I stupidly took our dog for a stroll alone at 2am just steps from our front door and literally was stalked and chased by a lone coyote. The stupidest thing I could have done was run…but I did of course. We made it back to the entrance of the building luckily but with the stupid thing within 10 feet of my heels. It wasn’t looking at me at all just bolting straight for the dog. Last night my husband chased a larger one with no tail down to Cornwall. We’ll be phoning the city tomorrow. Here’s the worst part, there’s a woman on Arbutus who is apparently feeding them to ” keep them away from cats?!” terrible idea. Be careful and make yourself large, loud and aggressive looking, the way you would a bear…sounds silly I know but theyre more aggressive than I thought.

  9. Taraneh says:

    Thanks for reporting it, Amber. It’s ongoing, as you can tell from other reader comments. Glad you’re all safe.

  10. Bill Barilko says:

    Yes a fed wild animal is a dead wild animal.

    Some years ago a Coyote bit a child down on Kits Point somewhere-a sharpshooter was brought in and the animal dispatched.

    A necropsy showed a cooked chicken in it’s guts-someone had been feeding the Coyote-a sad and preventable situation.

  11. Christine says:

    Coyotes can’t really be relocated, if removed other coyotes will take their place. You need to ask why the sudden increase in coyotes, or rather why are they making themselves visible? Potentially because people are feeding them.
    Give this a read to further understand this relationship:
    We need to learn to coexist.

  12. Nat says:

    I saw a coyote tonight at 12:00am (Friday Feb 10th) it was sitting on a lawn at Maple and 2nd in Kitsilano. I was walking on the street but was very close to it. It got up and looked at me for a moment than walked away. In the dark and empty streets it was quite terrifying.